22 Dec 2017

Sneeuwpop-krans / Snowman Pom Wreath

Patroon/ Pattern: Snowman Pom Wreath - A Crocheted Simplicity
Ring: 18cm diameter
Aantal sneeuwpoppen/ # of snowmen: 14

Maat/ Size: 35 & 45mm (Clover Pom Pom Maker S)
Garen/ Yarn: Lisa - Mascot Europe (wit/ white)
Sjaals/ Scarfs:
Garen/ Yarn: Mini - Wibra (dubbele draad/ double thread)
Haaknaald/ Hook: 4.0mm
Lengte/ Length: 35 lossen/ ch-35

14 Dec 2017

Kerstmannetjes / Santas

While searching for a small Christmas themed x-stitch project, a series of 6 Santas turned up. I decided to make 2 this year and leave the others for next year (or not).

Patroon/ PatternPapai Noel - Sandrinha Ponto Cruz (not completely certain this is the original source)
Stof/ Fabric: 22ct aida(?)
Ring maat/ Hoop size: 25cm (music) & 20cm (upside down)

8 Nov 2017

Lion Brand Emily Shawl

Een verlaat verjaardagscadeautje voor oma. Zo kon ik het garen en het patroon gezellig samen met haar uitzoeken. Het garen was fijn om mee te werken, al is het wel goed opletten om alle 4 de draden netjes op te pakken. Het patroon was vooral in het beginnen even puzzelen, maar met wat kleine aanpassingen ben ik erg tevreden over het resultaat. En oma ook!

-ch-2 ipv ch-3
-ch-2 telt mee
-afwerking: langs de rechte randen een toer vasten ipv het golvende patroon

Patroon/ Pattern:
Emily Shawl - Lion Brand (80871AD)
Garen/ Yarn
Creative Wool Degrade - Rico Design (colour 2601585, 1 bol van 200gr, 25gr over)
Haaknaald/ Hook: 4,5mm
Afmetingen/ Size: niet gemeten

30 Sep 2017

Prinses Malinka / Princess Malinka

I finished x-stitching a blue pillowcase years ago, but I wasn't happy with the result. For some reason the design didn't work and the colours weren't bright enough. (I do blame the machine embroidery thread, although I have had some great results with it in the past.) So after finishing the cars-pillowcase, I started frogging the butterfly. 

In the mean time I started the search for a new pattern with a high success rate and came across an amazing design. At first, I put it aside being convinced it would be way too large for my small pillowcase, but I couldn't get it out of my head. When I asked my better half to go over a couple of designs with me, he also fell in love with this particular one. So I started digging the internet for the actual pattern. 

All pins (Pinterest) linked back to 2 sites: this one, where the actual size of the pattern is listed, and this one, with a link to the designers and their webshop: SA-stitch. (Warning: all sources are written in Cyrillic and Google Translate had a hard time translating.) Being unable to locate Princess Malinka in the webshop, I contacted the designers by email. It turned out that the Princess-series is not available for sale any more, but Svetlana Sichkar was so generous to send it to me by email. Thank you!
The pattern is well written (even when in Cyrillic) and easy to follow.

More info on her brothers pillowcase can be found here.  

Patroon/ Pattern: Princess Malinka - SA-stitch (more patterns here)
Maat/ Size: 92x100 stitches
Garen/ Yarn: DMC
Kussensloop/ Pillowcase: V&D

4 Sep 2017

Badkamer Luxe / Shower Luxury

I made these as a birthday present for a friend: 20 little washies (12x12cm) in a basket and a bath/shower puff.

Deze leuke kleine doekjes in een mandje en de bad/ douche spons heb ik gemaakt als verjaardagscadeautje voor een vriendin.

Patroon/ Pattern:
Little Washies - Brenda K B Anderson
Bath Puff pattern - The Spruce

Garen/ Yarn:
Salsa - Cheval Blanc (Lichen & Cendre)
Haaknaald/ Hook:
7mm (basket) & 8mm (washies & bath puff)

25 Aug 2017

Huwelijkscadeautje / Small Wedding Gift

When attending a wedding I like to give something 'made by me'.
So, for a recent wedding I crocheted those Love Birds. They turned out really cute. 

The colours are based on the wedding invitation (at least the pink one).

 The pattern used is from Uccellino (Chubby Birds), although I did alter the belly part and I am not sure that the beaks are according to pattern. For eyes I just made crosses with black yarn instead of adding beads.

Patroon/ Pattern:
Chubby Bird Amigurumi - Uccellino
Garen/ Yarn: Mini - Wibra
Haaknaald/ Hook: 2,5mm

Alternative belly pattern:
-chain 4
-single crochet in 2nd chain from hook
-single crochet in next chain
-4 single crochet in last chain
-continue at back of chains: 1 single crochet in each chain, turn
-3x single crochet in each stitch, 2 single crochet in next 2 stitches, 3x single crochet in each stitch, turn.
-continue to correct size

13 Aug 2017

The Happy Hippos Pads

Newest additions to my pad & liner collection. All made from The Happy Hippos patterns. 
(Link to pattern in captions)

8" Curvy Flare

7" Curvy Front Bleeder

9" Curvy Front Bleeder

8" Square

10" Serged Wrap Wing